How well do you really know your friends?

New features added with the update! Miitomo is a free-to-start* app by Nintendo for smart devices that lets you communicate with your friends through a Mii character you can create to look like you. Why not give it a try?

*includes in-app purchases
  • App Store
  • Google Play
Supported on iOS / Android Planned availability by country.

Miitomo 1st Anniversary Celebration Event is on!
Miitomo's Potential!
Miitomo ver. 2.2 was released!
Miitomo ver. 2.1 was released!
Miitomo's big update!
Miitomo launched in Switzerland and South Africa!
Miitomo was launched.
Launch date is 31st March 2016. (Time to be confirmed.)
Supported operating system information updated in the FAQ.
Preregistration opens!
Site launched!
What can you do in Miitomo?

What can you do in Miitomo?

1. You can make your own Mii
A Mii is a character you can create to look like you, using a variety of facial features.
In Miitomo you can give your Mii a nickname, decide how it will speak and give it a personality to make it a representation of yourself.
You can create one easily using the camera on your smart device.
2. You can use your Mii to chat about stuff with your friends' Mii characters
"What's your latest obsession?" "Where does the nickname you gave your Mii come from?"
Your own Mii and Mii characters from your friends will ask questions like this for you to answer. Your answers will be shared with your friends, and Mii characters will tell you the answers your friends have given.
You can even send messages directly to your friends!
3. You can dress your Mii in style
From super-casual to the most elegant fashion to fun fancy dress, you can outfit your Mii with all kinds of items from the Miitomo shop!
With so many options, you can dress your Mii for any occasion or mood.
◆ Clothing items can only be purchased with Miitomo coins. Miitomo coins are earned through using Miitomo a lot.◆ Miitomo coins can also be purchased using the App Store's or Google Play's payment system.
4. You can customise your room to perfection!
Unleash your inner interior decorator with wallpaper and flooring styles up for grabs through the Miitomo Drop minigame.
You can even make in-game posters out of images saved on your device!
5. You can get items in Miitomo Drop
Miitomo Drop is a fun minigame where you drop a Mii onto a platform to get an item from that platform.
Themed stages are available, with special items up for grabs!
◆ Miitomo coins or game tickets are required to play Miitomo Drop. You can obtain Miitomo coins through using Miitomo a lot, and game tickets through various means including daily bonuses.◆ Miitomo coins can also be purchased using the App Store's or Google Play's payment system.
6. There's even more fun to be had with Miifotos!
Get your Mii into the perfect pose, add some stamps and a photo you've taken for the background, and get snapping! Mix and match elements to make your perfect Miifoto.
You can share your work on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LINE and Instagram.
The app may not be made available in all countries.
Planned availability by country.