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The celebration is on!
You have a limited time to get your hands on in-app items inspired by Mario and The Legend of Zelda series of games!

Part 1: Complete these tasks to get your hands on Miitomo wallpaper and flooring items inspired by Nintendo characters.

Task 1: Try out the new messaging feature.

Send and receive messages to get in-app Mario and Metroid-themed items!

Task 2: Take Answer Central for a whirl.

Share your opinions in Answer Central to get in-app The Legend of Zelda wallpaper and flooring items!


Part 2: Celebrate the update with free in-app Mario and Luigi items for all users.


The Mario cap and Mario suit items make a comeback, and the Luigi cap and Luigi suit make their debut in your gift box!

(Until 1/13/2017, 4:00 AM local time)

We hope you enjoy the new Miitomo with your friends!

Five New Features of the Big Update!

Note: Items featured in these events may become available again at a future date.
The app may not be available in all countries.
Availability by country (New!)