Miitomo 1st Anniversary
Let's make a Miitomo 1st anniversary Miifoto mosaic!

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Thanks for all your submissions for the "Let's make a Miitomo 1st anniversary Miifoto mosaic!" event!

The 1st anniversary Miifoto mosaic is finally complete!
Maybe you can find your Miifoto if you enlarge it and look really, really closely...

Thank you for taking part in the Miitomo 1st anniversary celebration events!
We hope you continue having fun with Miitomo!


Celebrate a year of Miitomo™ by posting your Miifotos to Twitter!

To commemorate the past year of Miitomo, we're asking Miitomo users to submit their favorite 1st anniversary-themed Miifotos to Twitter.

Also, in order to capture the past year in a single snapshot, we'll be making a mosaic using some of the Miifotos posted to Twitter!
Check back and see what kind of mosaic gets made!

Before posting your Miifotos, please check the following guidelines and information.

- Entries -

Theme: "Celebrating the 1st anniversary of Miitomo!"

Check out Miifotos posted for the mosaic


- Entry period -

From 4/6/2017 7:00 PM PT until 4/17/2017 0:00 AM PT


- How to enter -


- Entry rules -

By submitting a photo for this event, you agree to these terms and conditions:


- Entry requirements -

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