About Miitomo

What kind of application is Miitomo?
This application is all about communication with your friends.
In a nutshell, what do I do in Miitomo?
First, try answering the various questions your Mii will ask you. Your answers will then be shared with your friends. Sometimes you'll hear answers from your friends too. If there's an answer that catches your attention, you can also leave a comment about it that will be shared with the person whose answer it is.
Can I use Miitomo for free?
The application is available as a free download.
Basic functions are free to use, but you can purchase Miitomo coins with real money, which can be redeemed for items like clothing for Mii characters. You can also earn Miitomo coins for free.
Note: An Internet connection is required to use Miitomo.
*Cellular data charges may apply.
Can I use Miitomo with my friends?
You can use it with people you've mutually added as friends.
Can I use Miitomo offline?
You cannot use it offline.
How old do I have to be to use Miitomo?
You must be at least 13 years of age to use this application.

System Questions

What operating systems support this application?
(iOS users)
Supported systems will change on or after December 2016:
iOS 8.0 or newer on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

(Android users)
This application is supported on Android 4.1 or newer.
• Operation not guaranteed on all devices with Android 4.1 or newer installed. Circumstances such as device specifications and efficiency, as well as the applications being run on a device, may affect normal operation of this application.
• It may take some time for the latest version of the operating system to be supported.
What languages are supported?
Currently, this application has 12 language options: English (US), English (Europe/Australia), French (Canada), French (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Spanish (Europe), Portuguese (Brazil), German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, and Japanese.
Which countries will the app be available in?
Detailed information can be found here:
Availability by country (New!)
Miitomo isn't working properly! What should I do?
Please try to restart Miitomo.

Note: Please take care that you do not uninstall or delete the Miitomo application from your device by mistake.

iOS users:
If restarting the device still doesn't help, please try the following steps to clear and reacquire data for the app:
❶ In iOS, select Settings
❷ Select Miitomo
❸ Turn on the Clear cache next launch option, and restart the Miitomo app.

Android users:
If that still doesn't help, please try the following steps to clear data for the app:
❶ In your Android settings, select Application Manager
❷ Select Miitomo
❸ Select Clear cache, and restart the Miitomo app.

About Preregistration

How do I receive My Nintendo Platinum Points earned via preregistration?
My Nintendo Platinum Points earned via preregistration can be viewed by signing in to My Nintendo with your Nintendo Account info and checking the points history page.

Other frequently asked questions

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About My Nintendo

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Miitomo Inquiries

For inquiries about Miitomo issues, please use the in-app inquiry form by tapping Menu, Other, and then Customer Support.